Face Masks

Mask Sizing:

We offer five different sizes to fit most anyone. Find the perfect fit in just a few steps!

1. Take a soft measuring tape and measure the distance from the tip of your nose to the very top point of your ear. If you don't have a soft measuring tape use a piece of string and then measure the distance on the string with a ruler. The below picture shows the best way to get this measurement.

2. Take your nose-to-ear measurement and double it.

Nose-to-ear Measurement x 2 = Face Measurement

Use our below guide to help you find the best size mask to fit your face:

3. We always suggest you size up if you are on the edge of two sizes. If you are worried your mask may be too big we offer Perfect Fit Adjusters to make sure your mask is a perfect fit!


All of our masks are a pouch style so you are able to insert a filter for added protection. Filters are not reusable and not included in the purchase of your mask. From our research here are a few ideas on types of filters you can insert into your mask that may help give you added protection:

-Pig Mat

-Shop Towels

-Pellon Interfacing

-Landscaping Fabric

-Vacuum Filters

Washable & Reusable:

With the huge shortage of disposable face masks in our economy right now the next best option is washable and reusable masks. Our masks are made out of 100% cotton fabric and we recommend washing them either by hand or in the washing machine between each use. Air dry and iron if needed.

Bulk Orders:

If you are interested in bulk orders of 50+ masks please email becky@modernpiggy.com for pricing.

**These are not FDA approved masks and we make no medical claims with regards to the use of these masks or their effectiveness. The CDC recommends children under 2 to not wear masks.

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