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"Since having my little girl, I have been ordering her bows from Modern Piggy. I love the many options I get to choose from whether it is patterns, colors, material, sizing and if I want it on a soft comfortable band or an interchangeable alligator clip. I have not only been so pleased with the look and quality of the bows from Modern Piggy, but their customer service as well. You can tell that Becky and Camille truly care for their customers and during one experience it made such a difference for me. I had ordered clothes and other items for our last minute family pictures and many of the things I ordered didn’t come in time, I was stressed to say the least. When I realized I didn't order my daughters bows in time, Becky and Camille were so sweet to let me do a local pick up so that I could still have my favorite bows for my daughter in our family pictures! I was beyond grateful that they were so willing to help me out and for that I will always order my bows from Modern Piggy. Thank you, I am so glad that I found Modern Piggy!!!" -Victoria H.

"I love my Modern Piggy bows! I had a girl after two boys and was so excited to shop for her and do all things girly. I bought a few bows from other companies before she was born and then found Modern Piggy. My daughter has many bows and headbands but the majority are Modern Piggy and our collection continues to grow. I love the nylon headband because she's been able to wear the same headbands as she grows. Also, they don't bother her so she'll leave them on longer than other headbands. My favorite are the leather bows because I'm a fan of neutrals but I have a few prints and felt bows that I love just as much. I'm so glad I found Modern Piggy!!"  -Krystal A.

"I have been ordering bows from Modern Piggy since day one. I have a daughter who I love to have decked out in bows and Modern Piggy has some of the best out there. They have lots of options as far as styles and patterns go, but they also have lots of sizing options within each of those styles. My favorite is their Piggy sized bow which is perfect for my 2 ½ year old.  I love the quality of material they use and how perfect my bows are when they come in the mail. I own almost all their leather bows and think they are so versatile. They are very easy to keep clean. My daughter will no longer wear a headband, so we get all our bows on the alligator clip. Another thing that is great about Modern Piggy is that you can switch the clip on the bow so that it works no matter where you part your child’s hair. I like that you can choose clip, or headband on any of your bows. They recently came out with snap clips which hold the hair and stay in great.  And last, but not least we love their FREE Shipping.  Not only is the quality amazing, so is the service. Every order has been flawless.  I honestly can’t say enough good things about this company!" -Annie M.

"I absolutely LOVE all of my Modern Piggy bows!! I am somewhat of a bow hoarder and have more bows for my daughter than I can even count and i by far reach for our Modern Piggy bows the most! The leather bows are my very favorite- they are so unique and stylish AND super easy to clean! Not only is their quality on point but their customer service is amazing- you can really tell that Becky and Camille care immensely about their business and customers. I am so happy that I found Modern Piggy!!!!! :)" -Katea D.

"My 6 year old loves picking out bows to color coordinate her outfits. We keep them in the perfect bow bag so we never lose them. She wears the alligator clips and loves she can do her own hair and mom is happy because with the Dainty Piggy bows her hair is held back out of her face! We especially love the midweek markdowns because it allows us to keep shopping and building our collection without breaking the budget. Shipping is always expedient and we love the cute packaging." -Carissa

"I love bows. I'm always on the look out for unique, timeless bows for my daughter. I see all kinds of bows but I'm very particular about the ones I choose and the company I buy it from. Modern Piggy bows are to die for. Amazing, quality and an absolute must." -Elizabeth V.

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