Face Masks

Why are we making masks?

This has been a really scary time to be a small business owner. On top of worrying about our families we have also been concerned about our employees and the future of our business. Like many other small businesses, we have seen a huge decrease in sales these past couple of weeks and we've prayed to know how to continue in the best way.

We were so grateful when we were approached by a large nursing facility to use our network of seamstress to sew masks for their nurses. Our seamstresses who otherwise would have been left with very little work right now. We've all been busting our butts to get a prototype and pattern made and this large order out the door. What a huge blessing this has been to our business and employees during this time.

We have now been getting lots of requests from our customers to purchase these same masks. We are so glad we are able to provide masks to so many people and have chosen to offer them in our shop at a very fair price to keep our seamstresses working and our business afloat.

Sewing Masks Yourself:

Our goal is to help as many people as possible gain access to masks. If you would rather make a mask yourself here are a few great tutorials that are easy to follow. Let us know if you have any questions along the way!





All of our masks are a pouch style so you are able to insert a filter for added protection. Filters are not reusable and not included in the purchase of your mask. Here are a few ideas on types of filters you can insert into your mask:

-Pig Mat

-Pellon Interfacing

Washable & Reusable:

With the huge shortage of disposable face masks in our economy right now the next best option is washable and reusable masks. Our masks are made out of 100% cotton fabric and we recommend washing them either by hand or in the washing machine between each use. Air dry and iron if needed.

Are handmade masks really effective?

While we are not medical doctors, here are some links to good info about why masks may help slow the spread of diseases:



**These are not FDA approved masks and we make no medical claims with regards to the use of these masks.